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Anji Bosheng Furniture Co., Ltd.

Anji Bosheng Furniture Co., Ltd.


The 2009 establishment of Anji Bosheng Furniture Co., Ltd. is China 4D Armrest Fabric Pro Gaming Chairs manufacturers and OEM/ODM 4D Armrest Fabric Pro Gaming Chairs suppliers situated in Anji, China, which is also known as the "capital of China's chair manufacturing." The company consists of hardware workshop, cutting workshop, sewing workshop, nail gun workshop and packing workshop. With more than 150+ professional workers and advanced automatic equipment, our monthly output can reach 50,000pcs which shows our sufficient capacity. Also, we provide custom production line service according to your request. We will be there for you from concept to completion. For gaming chairs, qualified components are adopted in order to last for years and years. Meanwhile, to guarantee the quality of our products and ensure that they can pass the bifima tests, chemical environmental tests, and other requirements of our customers, we screen our raw material suppliers carefully and have our own laboratory with cutting-edge testing equipment in the industry.


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